Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Maximum squeefulness!

It's almost time for me to go to the Bristol Comic Expo! EEK!

Between my guest strip at Girl With Slingshots, other cool things happening and the upcoming con, I'm between total bliss and total panic... sometimes both... :P

I don't think I can concentrate on anything, so I won't be doing pixel art until I return... and do the con report...

But you got a FULL strip, which is better! I hope....

Hmm, things are going better than expected.... I got the perler beads in time to make some stuff for Jennie and Jenika, the Blue Monday comics arrived on time too! Not to mention that Sam & Max and Picross were released earlier than expected which is making things easier for me too!

It's seems I will actually hang out with other Devil's Panties fans, and watch Spider-Man 3, it also seems that there is a store that sells beads and similar NEXT to a Forbidden Planet comic store, so I must check out if they have Perler Beads!

My only concerns are... That it will be WAAAAY TOOO COLD for a Spaniard... And what to do on Monday morning. The airport gates open at 12:20... So I even bother to try to do something before leaving of should I just go to the airport....

I still have a full day to prepapre! And PANIC! AND SQUEE!
Tags: bristol comic expo
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