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What a day?

So.... It's 5 de Mayo... A holiday that despite the Spanish name is not celebrated at ALL in Spain!

It's Free Comic Book Day, the day I wish they don't celebrate over here neither... Well... There is ONE store that celebrates it... 500 km away... and they probably only have DC and Marvel ones...

But I found out I can get them from Comics Outpost, I have to pay a few cents for them, but at least I'll get them... as soon as the guy remembers to mail them....

It also Web Comic Awareness Day, the day important comics that are famous ignore, and smaller ones either cherish or are obvious to it...

You're expecting me to post that HUUUUGE list I do each year, right? Well, I'm not!

Is there anybody who reads this blog who doesn't read webcomics? I have... other plans! Why preach among the choir? I need to find a way to increase the awareness... IN SPAIN!

But how? Spain has been under the Anime Invasion for ages, and they usually hate reading anything that isn't in Spanish...

They might dig Yenny since it's in Spanish too, and maybe a few of those comic without words? Any ideas?
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