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From Pixels to Perler Beads! :3

I made some Perler bead art! :3

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This was my first, it's Angel Jennie. I hope she turned out OK!

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Lil' Princess Jennie and Devil Jennie. I think they turned out better! I hope Jennie likes them! I'll them to her when I meet her at the Bristol Comic Expo!

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This is Micia of Vampire Free Style. About 50*50 beads, the size of a DVD and it's another present for the Bristol Comic Expo...

Hopefully, neither Jennie nor Jenika read my LJ (who am I kidding? Of course they don't! :P), because I want it to be a surprise!

Hopefully this will be something I can do for each con! :3

I will hopefully do some of my original art soon, and if I do perler fanart it's a present for the author and the author ONLY!
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