August 24th, 2010

EPIC WIN! Do chores for XP and loot!

The Epic Win App has kinda been done before... Does anybody remember Chore Wars

But this takes it a step further... it's much more stylized and you don't only get XP, you get PH4T L00T too! And since it's on your iPhone you can carry it around... You can also bother your friend with silly updates each time you get loot or level up! XP

So far, it seems to work like a charm! It even works on my OCD-ish things... (I have a thing with doors). But isn't this fighting OCD with OCD? Oh well, at least it's working... for now?

Will it still work in three weeks? Three months? Only time will tell!

And if you checked the site... I choose the treant/ent thing as my avatar! XD