August 13th, 2010

I kinda don't what to do...

A friend of a friend wanted some European comics that aren't available in the U.S., I was glad to send some to her. We decided that a trade would be the best idea and just when it looked like everything was going O.K.... she stopped replying to my emails... Well, she took ages to reply to them anyway, but now it's been over a month...

My part of the trade was, like always, American candy, I jokingly thought to myself that with luck it would take so much time it would arrive in time for Halloween, but now I'm not even sure I'll get it!

How many "You still haven't replied" emails can you send without being rude? How do you even send one without being rude?

I can only think of four outcomes:
1) Everything goes OK in the end. (What I hope for)
2) The deal is off or she never replies. (Halloween ruined?)
3) I ask someone else for Halloween candy. (Halloween not ruined, but I end up feeling bad)
4) I ask someone else for candy when it's to late to cancel, the other person makes the deal and I end up with twice as much candy. (Halloween not ruined, but I end up with a terrible tummy ache and feeling bad for doubting the other person...

Oh, and did I mention I've been putting off sending other things to the US because I'm waiting for a reply? I made some perler presents and something for donation drive.. the donation drive is in November, but I don't know how much longer I can postpone this... :|

What do I do? D:

My first "Nerd Rage"? I'm more horrified actually...

Someone on Twitter showed me.... this.... THING!

At first, I thought.. "OOH! Ghoul girls! Nice!" Then I realized that they looked... well... "Bratz-y"? So I watched the cartoons... each one teared my soul and felt like a millions daggers in my heart... But I watched them all, because my brain sees cartoon monsters and can't help itself...

I can't stand the idea of a show where monsters are teen brats.... I don't mind making then teenagers, I don't making them girly or even cute, I even have plush monsters myself, but... these are like monster barbies, which would be OK for a joke, but for real? I can't even... DX<

Then I noticed the site actually did have links to Barbie... OH NO! They didn't... could they? OH MY GOD! NOOOOOO!


Yes, I am aware of the Living Dead dolls, but those are in "nerd stores"... THESE ARE IN TOYS STORES!

Oh why, oh why did they have to "bratify" monsters.... is this Stephanie Meyers fault? Is Twilight now corrupting ALL monsters?

Is this nerd raging? Then why am I so terrified? I guess this is what other felt when they say the last Indiana Jones film... T_T

Maximum Fun #25

The real Max would be excited to see such a great special effect done so cheaply!

And... I just realized this is longest storyline I've had! 8O