April 7th, 2010

So... I'm going to start doing commissions now?

I'm not really sure how to start, but I'm going to give it a go anyway!

First here's a look at some of my favorites so you can take a gander and how they look!

The final one  also gives you a good idea about their average size, which is about 29X29 pixels, I can go smaller and bigger, but I don't fell safe making them bigger than 45-50 in width or height since they would harder to transport safety....

The price? 5$ for the standard 29X29 sized one, 3$ if it's smaller that 15X15 pixels and 6$ if it's bigger.

I can also superglue a magnet for a dollar so you can have a fridge magnet.

The shipping can be $2 if uninsured or $5 insured, unless you live in Europe when I can send it uninsured for just 1$ or insured for 4.50$

Due the size limits, it's impossible for me to fit more than character in that grid, but if you order more than one I can arrange a discount.

Once I get payment, I'll make a pixel version and blow it up so you see more or less how it will look in perler beads, take in mind that I have a very limited palette of beads so I have a limited range in colors...

And once you agree to the perler version I'll make it and mail it to you! :3

I make characters or objects, maybe you want a tiny version of your character to put on a shelf? Or maybe a tiny piece of food with a face on your fridge? Just remember I can't make something too detailed with only a 29X29 grid!

Did I forget anything? XP