February 16th, 2010

What a strange weekend... Also, Animuuuu?

I just realized what a strange weekend I've had geek-wise....

For some strange reason I decided to play the only RPG I had on Dreamcast I hadn't beaten yet, called Time Stalkers, the game itself is rather weird, it's almost a SEGA RPG All Stars, since it has characters from Shinning Force, Shinning in the Darkness and Land Stalker... Dude, Yogurt has a cameo in it! Who know, maybe the other characters are from obscure SEGA RPGs I never heard of?

But, the thing is, it's kinda like Pokémon, since you can capture monsters you find in the dungeons to fight aside you...

I've mentioned blind grinding before, so this time I decided to have my Dreamcast in a PC-TV adapter while I watched movies... I was going to watch the Highlander movies, but... I think my DVD player doesn't like some DVDs and it doesn't play them, so I picked something from my parents.... The Jerry Lewis Boxset???

Jerry Lewis isn't too bad, except when the movies are nothing but him being "DERP DERP DA DERP" for 90 minutes, which tend to be most of them...  :|

The strange thing is that I practically beat the game at the same time the boxset ended! I still had half a movie left, but by the time I saw the rest of the endings the movie ended too!

Time Stalkers must be the easiest and shortest RPG I've played in a while, I was never close to dying, not even once and since this game resets your level to ONE each time you enter a dungeon, I never actually had to grind!  I could "grind" to get secret characters and better "titles", but it wasn't necessary.... I'm not complaining! A JRPG that can be beaten in less than 20 hours in a plus in my book!

And... it seems that I can watch Anime now? I watched Haruhi and Lucky Star about a month ago and liked them, I also watched something called Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, which was insane and awesome!

What really surprised me is that I discovered Touhou a bullet hell series with cute lil' girls that insanely popular in Japan and I watched many videos about the series, apparently it has tons of cartoons and songs on the web, but...

I watched a few clips SUBBED and I loved them! I laughed at them too!

So I thought, HEY! Maybe I should actually buy a DVD or something, right? That would be neat!

And then I remember why I stopped being an Otaku, it wasn't only because I got tired of it and it all seemed the same, it's that I HATE what the do to Anime DVDs!

For the price of one season of any other cartoon you only get three episodes of Anime! So I'm paying more and getting more clutter! I'm sorry, but I refuse to pay that much for so little content that takes up too much space!  I might buy movies like Paprika, but series? Not unless they are reasonable, which I doubt they will...  ¬_¬

Still, If there anything like Haruhi or Lucky Star I should watch, I'll love to hear about it, and I love crazy stuff like Magical Shopping Arcade, Furi Kuri, Puni Puni Poemi...