April 29th, 2009

Battling the backlog

This is rather insane...

Wasn't it over 400 the last time I checked? About two weeks ago?

I know many of these games I took off the list for sucking or not working.... Or because I didn't care about them enough to play them... Like the Ultima series... And all those bloody Doom clones...

But I did actually beat a big chuck of them too...

I'm glad I tackled the shorter and suckier games first, it finally convinced me that I don't have to beat a game if I don't like it... I've played enough bad games to prove I'm not a spoiled brat that can only play 10 out of 10 games, I'm not forcing me to play anymore bad games.. specially if they are BORING and bad!

I've also found I have rather obscure games... I can barely find any info on them, but I found out that if a game is obscure and practically unknown it's for a reason... It's because it's not very good..

I'm frankly surprised I managed to actually beat the whole Classic Text Adventures Masterpieces Collection from Infocom... I basically spent a whole week staring at nothing but text!

I now feel less "panicky" seeing that my backlog has gone down so much... I might actually buy a new game once of these days!

I any of you have time to check out my backlog and point out short or sucky games (I won't take them off the list, I'll just try to see if I can tolerate them), I'd appreciate it!

By the way... Do the Worms game have a story mode or are they just multiplayer games?

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