March 25th, 2009

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  • 14:06 Oooh! The new Wallace & Gromit game is out! HUZZAH! <3 #
  • 14:33 If you're a fan of Monkey Island, you MUST see this! #
  • 15:26 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #
  • 17:40 Just a reminder, tomorrow at 18:00 GMT+1 is the deadline to give me guest strips! #
  • 18:00 Hmm, it looks like I'm almost ready for the UK thing? I'll leave the comic buffer for tomorrow... #
  • 19:27 Wow! Wallace & Gromit even look a bit like clay in the new game! 8D #
  • 22:47 Pun Dungeon: Party Animal #
  • 06:03 Why am I so nervous about the UK Thing? I've been there before! Oh God! I think I might puke today! DX #
  • 06:06 I can't even finish my breakfast... D: #
  • 10:50 I actually vomited out of nervousness.... I haven't done that in ages! What the Hell!? D: #
  • 11:10 OK, this is making feel better! IT'S PARTY TIME! XD #
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Pun Dungeon: Fire Sale!

It looks like the trip home will be a long one…
Because I’m leaving for London to go to the UK Thing! HUZZAH!

I have a few guest strips to keep you company while I’m away!

26th -Jeff of Northern Geeks

27th -Kitrakaya

28th -MawBedlam

29th -Appiie

30th - (?) I dunno… this is the day I come back…. probably exhausted… If I find a guest strip or fanart in my inbox it will probably be the strip for the day! XD

That is.... unless you're reading this on my LJ or DeviantArt site... I won't be able to upload them until I'm back so... either you wait or you go to my main site!