March 12th, 2009

Tweets for Today

  • 17:33 @TeeMonster Wouldn't that just be Victorian music? #
  • 17:37 I finally pre-ordered the Monica sculpture... I really hope they don't charge me until I come back from the UK thing though... :( #
  • 17:44 @TeeMonster Anything by these composers I guess? #
  • 19:19 @DivaLea Ha ha! That was fast! I'm glad you liked it! >///w///< #
  • 19:26 Okay... Dark Matter is starting to bore me... Did she have to sleep with the sexy vampire? ¬_¬ #
  • 20:28 @Aeire Oooh! I always wanted to read that! Thanks for the link! <3 #
  • 20:57 Hilarious ham hands! B^U #
  • 23:18 Pun Dungeon: Barely a Bear #
  • 23:25 I also made a pixel present for @divalea for her B-day! <3 #
  • 23:36 Ooh! I'm only one follower away from 200! <3(I actually got 200, but the last one was a spam account... so I blocked it...) #
  • 00:05 Man, someone is about to hit their kiriban, but it's getting late.. I hope they hit it soon! (And that I get it, of course!) XP #
  • 05:43 @Iron_Spike I sure hope I don't miss this one! D: #
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Is this overkill?

-My parents have told me that I can borrow their video camera for the UK Thing trip, but... I wouldn't know what to do with it... Sure I could film the touristy places that let me do it, but.... what about the UK Thing? Do I just point it to people and tell them to say hi?  For some reason it seems overkill...

-I should have banners and a cast page by the end of the week... I hope.. Are you supposed to have the banners on a links page? I'm not sure...