March 7th, 2009

I luffer the internets! :3

I'm trying to remember a webcomic...

I can't remember the comic that... hates Starline and Candi!

You know, the one with the alien and the robot? It seemed to spend half the strips hazing Candi!

I also know that they had another comic with a big bosomed girl with pink hair and a sunflower tattoo, in which they keep making fun about how humongous her butt is.... She was supposed to be a superheroine but I never saw her fight...

I wanna see if they are still picking on Star... :(

Tweets for Today

  • 12:48 @peprally Is there even going to be one this year? The site hasn't updated since the last awards! #
  • 12:53 @peprally Besides, people never bother to read the other entries and just vote for their favorite comic, which is ridiculous! #
  • 15:51 If the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice was an old Atari game you'd get this! #
  • 17:13 My small snack turned into a pigout... Oopsie? ^_^; #
  • 17:17 @Southworth Would you mind if I add you too? Although I have L4D on PC though... #
  • 22:27 Pun Dungeon: Babysitting #
  • 23:42 Am I the only one who thinks that if you Ustream, you should have a Twitter account to tell everybody when it's on? #
  • 23:54 Great... The one time people I know are playing L4D and it's way too late for me to join... Curse you time zone! DX< #
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What Does Puppicorn Poop?

People have asked me “If unicorns poop rainbows, what does Puppicorn poop?”… Now you know…

He poops gentlemen dinosaurs with rocket hands that are half tanks! It was the most absurdly awesome thing I could think of! XP