February 27th, 2009

Pixel Pun 400: Imperor

This is the Imperor… He’ll be taking over now…

It’s been 400 Pixel Puns… but… Like I’ve said before, they’ll work much better in comic form… At least I hope so!

On Monday my Pixel Puns will become the Pun Dungeon! If I find time to do the comic that is… XP

The Imperor is not the main character, but the boss of the main character…

This is was born with the first laugh, and now is merely a spirit that inhabits a mask… he LOVES masks and has a large collection of them!

He might be just a spirit, but he’s still tangible and powerful and is the Keeper of the Komedy.

As you can guess the Pun Dungeoun will center about the imp in charge of the puns…. And that’s all I’ll tell you about the Pun Dungeon! You’ll have to wait until Monday for the strip to start!

One more thing, I WILL be reusing many of the pixel puns, many of them will work spledindly if I use them together in a storyline!

I’m still debating whether to but a banner on the comic like on Kitchen Kaos, what do you think?