February 23rd, 2009

Mouse misadventures and other ramblings...

I've probably mentioned this before, but my mouse is acting funny... the left click does a double click every time... except sometimes it does nothing... I tried the mouse that came with the PC... it sucks for pixel art...

I was going to pick up a new one when I went to the mall last Friday, but for some reason the problem went away... only to come back the moment I was back from the mall! 

So I went to the local computer shops but they didn't have decent mice... I had to go to the mall... AGAIN!

I found the exact same mouse as the one I'm using, so I bought it...

When I got back home and opened it.... It looked more worn that the one I have now! And it had grime too! It was obviously USED!

They'd better give me a new one!  I NEED that new mouse before I start the new comic! D:

For some reason, iTunes decided to add ALL the "music" I had on my computer to it's library, since I'm a gamer, there are plenty of folders with sound effects and background music from games...

So I had to spend several minutes deleting bleeps and bloops...

I then noticed some music I never purchased and don't even know the authors... well, initially I didn't!

This happened to me before, and that time I just deleted them, but.... the files seems to still be here?

The reason I find this so amusing is that it appears I have some dementia (funny music) in my library! I didn't know who Logan Whitehurst the first time I saw these files, but I do now! He's the Robot Cat song guy!

I have no idea how I got these files though, since I don't download music and I didn't know these groups when these files originally appeared...

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