January 20th, 2009

Tweets for Today

  • 14:47 Why can't I live in a haunted house with bad jokes, songs and dancing furniture? tinyurl.com/9r5cd6 #
  • 19:28 Wow! Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe must be the first game with Superman in it that doesn't suck! It's actually kinda fun! :O #
  • 20:18 @TheBlueMask I just got the game and I've only played story mode which doesn't allow brutalities. #
  • 21:58 Pixel Pun 373: Shear Terror www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=1778 #
  • 05:59 OH MY GOD! Kate Beaton will be at the UK thing! 8D #
  • 06:07 ARGH! I can't get the Tom Slick theme song out of my head! DX #
  • 06:19 @bluecanarykit Nooo! We must find a solution before our brains turn into mush! T_T #
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Uk Thing and.. UK things? (Ebay)

So... I want to go to the UK Thing this year too, but I haven't made plans of anything yet... How much long do you think I have before it's too late?

I don't how much tourism I can do while I'm there... Maybe the zoo and the toy museum that was closed last time? I do want to be there a full day before the Thing, so I have to find things to do while I'm there...

While I won't get a table, I think I might print one of my short stories and hand it out to friends? But which one to print? The first Sweet Tooth?

And speaking of UK things, I should be starting some Ebay auctions soon, mostly of item from the UK, I thought I should give you guys a chance to grab some of them, before I put them on Ebay?

I'm selling most of Terry Pratchett books, not because I don't like them but because most of them on Audible, and I need the space...

I have a few games: Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP), Dynasty Warriors DS, Simcity DS

Scott Pilgrim 4, a duplicate I don't really need....

I have more things, but I have to sort which are in English or not, and how much I'll sell them for, which should be 50% of the original price unless it's very common, or very rare... I'll try to make a list if anybody is interested...