November 26th, 2008

Indie awesomeness: The Blackwell Legacy

The Blackwell Legacy is part of the Blackwell episodic series, which means one thing... it's short, but just about as short as every other episodic adventure game, so you shouldn't worry about that!

It tells the tale of Rosangela Blackwell, who has just lost her last living relative and inherited something.. supernatural! A ghost named Joey Mallone! She soon finds out she's a medium and can see and talk to the dead, and her purpose is to help these poor souls find peace.

This adventure games has an interface which is a bit different from the norm. First you can't solve "inventory puzzles" the traditional way (by dragging the item to where you want to use it), here you interact with an item or person on screen and the item will appear in the menu in a "Use A with B" manner, does it dumb down the game? Not really since the reason you clicked on that item was to use that item, it's not much of a spoiler unless you're just clicking randomly.

The other different thing you'll find is the "clue menu", Rosa writes down what she thinks is important, and you use this menu to ask people questions, but you can also combine clues to get new clues, like combining the right name with a surname will get you a full name, or comparing two clues might prove one is a lie.

The game seems to be like the classic adventure from the golden years, it's all about exploring, and I don't think you can even die or screw up in this game, and I tell you, I tried!

It looks simply fantastic, like a late 90's adventure with beautiful sprites, the acting is pretty good, but not perfect, but I've never seen a videogame with superb acting anyway... Even the tunes are pretty catchy!

The only downsides are, like I said in the beginning, the shortness of the game, but like I said, it's episodic and the other downside is that it's 15$, most episodic games are about 8-10$...

What do you get for the extra 5$? Bloopers and a commentary mode, it is worth it? In my opinion, yes!

So... to sum it up, what we've got here is a very polished product with a classic look that could have easily be sold in game stores back in the golden days, that's a bit on the short side, which we can forgive because it's episodic.

If you're an adventure fan, I heartily recommend you try it out!

I'm probably going to be posting more of these game reviews very soon, since I haven't reviews any of the indie games I've played lately...