November 21st, 2008

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  • 18:53 I just published my first Little Big Planer level... It's about getting Mc Pedro some booze.... XP #
  • 21:34 Pixel Pun 333: Crow-Magnon #
  • 22:18 Should I dare give Twilight a try? #
  • 22:22 @sonicsociety I guess I'll use my Audible credits on some more Pratchett then! :3 #
  • 23:25 @poisonrational Why do still want the CD if you couldn't read the book? #
  • 11:51 I'm such a comedy music junkie... I just got an account at the Mad Music Archive... XP #
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Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Little Big Planet

Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts:

First things first! If you play Klungo's Arcade you'll find that none other that the artist of Sequential Art, "Jolly Jack" did the art for it! How awesome is that?

I know many of us have complained that the whole vehicle concept seemed like a bad idea, and as a driving game haters, I should haven't even bought this game, yet...

It's terribly fun! It's not about racing, sure there are lots of racing and it get a bit annoying at the end, but I'm pretty sure you can skip most of the races and still beat the game!

The vehicle creations is a neat concept, because you can always adapt or create a vehicle for each mission you get, but at the same time it can get annoying to create or modify a vehicle in each mission because there is no vehicle which you can use on ALL missions, but it's never bothered me that much...

If your vehicle handles badly, it mean you didn't build it well, but it's sometimes hard to know how to solve it, but you always get the blueprints of people who have beaten that mission from LIVE if everything else fails...

The game is filled of humor poking fun at videogame cliches and even at itself which is always a plus.

The game hasn't changed that much really, you still collect Jiggies and instead of getting new moves, you need to get new parts, but the 360 really needs a plataform game, I still recommend it though!

Little Big Planet:
Sony's big game is great! It's colorful, beautiful and fun to play!

It does have a very strange lives system, you get four lives per checkpoint, but they don't stack and if you lose them all you have to restart... But the story mode only get really challenging near the end, and you should be used to it by then!

The biggest part of the game is the online factor, where you can play levels created by other and with other people, the last time I tried to play with someone (a stranger), the game was so laggy for me they had reached the end of the level before I could even move! But playing user created levels is quite fun! I don't know my the news said they deleted all the levels that had copyrighted content, I've played levels based on ICO, Batman, Ghostbusters, Gradius and Sonic.

It is kinda hard to find a specific level, you can only search by author or by.. description... You have to use a word to describe the level so you can only search for levels that are "fun", "cute", "brilliant", but you can't search for a pirate themed level or anything like that...

Creating levels is much harder than you think I wasted so much of my free time to create a level based on Mc Pedro, but even after watching all the tutorials I still didn't get all the games limitions and uses, they don't teach how to build complex contraptions or complex enemies, you have to learn by yourself or ask in a forum...

I'm still pretty happy about it, my Sackboy kinda looks like Mc Pedro (he's green and has a stache and a sombrero), the user created levels are fun when made well, and hopefully I'll be able to make better levels in the future?