November 10th, 2008

The Wonderful End of the World: A Katamari "Klone"

The Wonderful End of the World is an obvious Katamari clone, if not a rip-off of it. The plot is simple, the world is going to end, so grab as much stuff as you can before it does!

But instead of a a katamari, you're a being made of what you pick up, at first it's funny to see your head made up of items, but the novelty wears off fast...

The game only has 12 levels and you have two and half to beat them in timed mode, making it terribly short... Well, some levels require that you get a certain grade on other levels specially the final one, which requires an "A" in all levels, but once you play to improve your score (you'll probably get a "B" at your first try), you'll notice all the defects of the game...

It's quite buggy, you can get stuck under an item, and it can take a lot of precious time to get out of there, sometimes your character will simply (and SLOOOOWLY) go upward through the item that has you trapped, I don't know if this is a bug or on purpose, but on a timed game, this is something you should avoid.

It's also unclear what items you can absorb, sometimes you can absorb items larger than you and sometimes you can't, sometimes you pick up everything and you're big enough to pick humans and sometimes you're not.... I'm assuming the game needs a patch ASAP!

The game has the quirky placing of items, but it's not as funny as Katamari and it happens less often, some levels even have Katamari-like music...

It also has exploration mode (eternal mode) and time attack mode, playing time attack mode seems impossible since it requires you to get ALL items in a level and more often than not you'll find out you can't, everytime I tried I got as big as I could and couldn't pick up anything else to get bigger!

Does it suck? Nope, not really, it needs a LOT of polish, but for a 20$ indie game it's O.K., but for that price you can get a used copy of a Katamari game!

But if you have a PC and don't have a system that has a Katamari game for it, this is a good way to try it out, but take in mind that the original Katamari games are still far superior to this!