October 26th, 2008

Being a purist retrogamer: Meeting you halfway there?

To see if I could actually do emulation, I got MAME. I don't think anybody would disapprove of MAME, it's not like I could find or afford (money AND spacewise) an aracde cabiner for each arcade game out there...

And.... I play the Simpson Arcade game and Pulirula, two game that only exist in arcade, and I had a blast!

Don't you guys think I'm going to start getting games I could find at any game store! For now... only arcade games...

And maybe later, games I have but don't play well on a modern TV, and after that rare games I can't afford or find....

If they happen to appear later on XBLA or Virutal Channel I will happily purchase them!

The reason for the "emulation itch" (that sounds nasty!) is not due to only ONE cause:
-Games that look horrid on an HDTV (most of them)
-Fan translations: I just heard they translated Mother 3 and I heard people talking about a Secret of Mana 3 one too... WANT!
-PANDORA: It not only makes my tech geek drool, it's a cool gadget that most people will use to play tons of roms...
-I'm in the mood for happy, colorful games, and Banjo Kazooie doesn't come out for XBLA for a while.
-None of you remember the old tape games, right? You had to wait at least 30 minutes for a game to load while the rom is instant!

If you guys saw my game collection, you'd agree I'm due some freebies! XP