July 24th, 2008

Many things?

I've found out a way to watch U.S. stuff legally! 8D

Hotspot Shield is a program meant to protect your laptop while using a public Wifi hotspot.... but since it uses an American server sites like Hulu, Cartoon Network and similar now allow you watch their content even if you don'y live in the U.S.! I can watch Chowder and Flapjack now! YAY!

Overlord is like Pikmin.... only Olimar has been replaced with an evil overlord and the Pikmin are replaced with evil minion cirtters, who can get drunk if you find beer, and after drinking... they pee.... XP

I finally got No More Heroes! And it seems like it will be fun! I actually hated Suda's last game... And I finally got Nights for the Wii too! :3

Sometimes I whine about Nintendo, but it's only BECAUSE I'm faithful... One of my biggest fears is that they will completely forget about the core gamers and the Wii will only see games with puppies and kittens or Wii Sports clones...

The truth is... I think we WILL only see this... because people are making babillions with them!

BUT! Since game developers are making a fortune with "Puppy Tennis 34" they can afford to develop games they could risk making games like Beyond Good & Evil too...

Yep! All those annoying pet games Ubisoft is making? It's funding Prince of Persia and BG&E2!

The only problem is that we'll only have games like "Puppy Tennis" to play while we wait for the new titles... :/