July 12th, 2008

Sweet Tooth!

Sweet Tooth and Summer plans!

If all goes well Sweet Tooth's new adventure should begin next week! I'm debating whether to add some mild animations like in the last Kitchen Kaos... ^_^;

I should be on vacation next month, so I'm beggining to plan what to do... gamewise! XP

I can't believe I've only beaten the more modern Sonic games (The Dreamcast one was the first I got), so I plan on beating all the older ones! Since I have GameTap and a couple Sonic collections, it's just a matter of time! But I wonder if I should skip some, like the Game Gear ones?

And with all these sequels of games people actually want I should really get to playing Starcraft, Diablo and Fallout, just to find out if I like the games before the sequel comes out!

Speaking of games, it appears I got a gamer score of over 10,000 on my 360... Apparently it's a big deal?