October 30th, 2007

Halloween in Spain?

I've probably said it a million times before, but we don't really celebrate Halloween in Spain, at least not yet!

I remember when I was a kid Xmas was just the day we celebrated the birth of Christ and we got our presents on the 6th of January, Ephiphay. But now we get Santa AND the Three Wise men, and our Xmas is now fully Americanized!

And I'm pretty sure the same will happen to Halloween too! Each year more people have a party where they dress up on Halloween, and horror movie marathons are becoming more common. Not only can you see every mall full of costumes, but they have trick or treat baskets too!

This last part is the one which will probably take a lot more time to get into our tradition, because most kids don't know they have to dress up and most people don't know they have to give out candy...

I've heard in bigger communities trick or treated is having a bigger success, but small town just don't get it...

The market downstairs has pumpkins for sale, something they only have in Halloween, but nobody here has a porch to put a Jack O' Lantern on... Another sign of how we are trying to have Halloween without really getting it.

As for me, I have Candy Corn, Fruit Rolls up, Pixy Stix and Root Beer, it's not a holiday so I won't have a day off, but I'm hoping to have enough time to watch at least ONE horror movie, and I'll bring candy just in case I get trick or treaters...

I'm very curious to see how  Halloween will turn out tomorrow over here! :3

Kitchen Kaos 19: The smell of victory!

And... it's over! And what an end! Everybody is pretty much beaten up, dirty and tired... Just like me!

UG... Doing this daily was KILLING me! But I finished it in time for Halloween! YAY!
*dies of exhaustion* XP

But now I have a hug pile of unread comics and unplayed games....

Kitchen Kaos will back to weekly again, and I'll finish Sweet Tooth soon, but I don't plan on doing a mini comic next month, maybe I'll do guest strips and the five questions comic?

But I do have a plan for next month... You'll see.... MWAHAHA!