August 13th, 2007


.... DHL does it again

It's been nearly a week...

Apparently my DHL courier thinks I live next door, and the guy who lives next door is on vacation.... I keep calling DHL and telling them that he's trying to send it to the wrong address, and he leaves the paper for the wrong address EVERY DAY!

I'm usually a nervous, but calm, kitty, rainbows and unicorns person, but postal notices make me... go postal!

For a moment I was thinking of sitting in front of the building with a DS and wait for the guy, but I thought of a more rational idea! I'll just put a sticker on the doorbell where he leaves the notice that says something like " I LIVE ON "X" not "Y" DHL guy!"...

And I think it's a bunch of comics I ordered from Amazon... I hope it's my Flight comics! And I certainly hope this idea will work!


YAY! The DHL guy finally got the address right! And I finally have my Flight Anthologies!

I'm am SOOO spending the whole day reading them... don't be mad if you don't get any thing from me today...

Oooh.. I'm all tingly inside! X3

"Geek cred", or "geek points"... If you have any, you don't.

If there is one thing that bothers me, it's when geeks use the term "geek cred", "geek points" or "geek card" and specially when people say you should lose it for not knowing something...

The reason why it bothers is that these geeks want to provs they are geekier than you by MEMORIZING something!

Geekery is about PASSION, memorizing takes dedication, but doesn't prove you're a good fan! I know some trivia about Hitler, like that he was a mediocre artist, does this make me fan of him? I certainly hope not!

It's not only the fact that these people think trivia makes them geekier than you, it's their boast of knowledge what proves their ignorance!

So I have to lose my "geek cred" because I don't know what Spock had for breakfast in a certain episode of Star Trek? Do you guys have ANY idea how much Sci-fi is out there? Claiming to know all about Sci-fi is claiming you're ignorant of how much there is out there! And it's even possible to be a Sci-fi fan and (GASP!) never have seen Stark Trek or Star Wars! 

This applies to ALL areas of geekery, videogames, comics, fantasy...

Also, think about who would be more deserving of praise or "geek points", the geek who spent 20 hours watching a TV show memorizing it, or the geek who made a fan film with his friends? The geek who spent 2000$ on some actor's underpants or the one who created a piece of art about the series or movie the actor was in? The geek whose at every con flaunting his knowledge or the geek who brings sandwiches and juice?

Socrates said it better than I could ever say it: "All I know is that I know nothing"

I'm not saying knowing trivia is bad, but once you assume you know everything and think you're better than the rest... you prove you're not... There will always be something new to learn about what you love, and that should be enough for you!

So the next time someone tells you should have your "geek card" revoked, tell them that real geeks don't need them!