July 18th, 2007

Mood Swing!

A "tiny" problem?

I usually show my pixel art at the some chatrooms to see if they have any errors and some people are complaining saying my art is too tiny...

As far as I know, nobody has told me it's too small, which confuses me...

Does anybody else see them overly tiny? Should I make them bigger?

Frankly I don't even see how they would look better big, isn't pixel art about minimalism?

Someone even told me that they were being nice and that I really suck....

But... I won a couple fanart art contests.... :(

Sigh.. I dunno...
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Taken from caturday

Your Score: Cheezburger cat

67 % Affection, 65 % Excitability , 53 % Hunger

Sure, you deserve one. You helped popularized lolcats from a running gag to an online sensation. Now mainstream media writes asinine columns on this 'phenomenon', students write theses on the topic, programming languages adopt the grammar, and losers write tests about them on dating sites. Now take your cheezburger and never touch the internets again.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
Choc Therapy!

Butterscotch quest!

I want to have some Butterbeer for the Potter book, they don't Sell butterscotch in Spain, but my sister gave me a recipe, unfortunately some of the ingredients weren't available in Spain either, and some I couldn't find after looking in all the stores I knew, so I had to make them myself or find substitutes... Its not as thick as it should but it tastes damn good! X3

I'm going to need the sugar to get me through the book! :P

Pixel Pun 85: Framed Cat Burglar!

Aaaw... the poor kitty burglar got "framed"! :(

Actually, the pun was going to be just "framed", but when I when I thought of who to frame, I added a kitty and thought... Oh! It's a cat burglar! An unintentional pun!

I do believe my kitties have improved, specially the eyes! :3

Red Dragon

An idea?

First I must thank all of you who helped get over the person who hazed me, I feel much better now! :3

But it did make me think, and I think I should change one tiny thing that should hopefully help me learn more about pixel art and improve my skills...

There isn't a way to learn pixel art, you just do it, but since normal artists start off by drawing fruits and such I though that one day of the week, Sundays probably, I should make it a day of randomness..

I'll pick a random item from my home and pixelify it, or maybe I do something random like the ballerina penguin?

What I don't know is if I pick a random item to pixelfy, is if I'll animate it or give it a face...

So.. what do you think? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Would really mind if you saw a normal, possibly non-animated item once a week?
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