April 22nd, 2007


I'm trying to get my hands of a graphic novel to read on the flight to Bristol, or at least, something to read until the plane takes off and I can turn on my DS.... :P

Since I liked Scooter Girl, I was thinking of buying Blue Monday, but Play.com is confusing.... Does anybody know if the cover for the UK are different or what?

Frankly it's the only comic I want to read that should fit in my shoulder bag I'll carry for the flight, but I'll try to find Mouse Guard in the UK if I can...

It seems that Picross DS comes out the day I leave, and hopefully I'll be able to pick it up before leaving, because I'm not sure the games I bought will be "unbeaten" by then, I already beat Pokémon Ranger....

Pixel Puns: Cereal Killer

STABBY-O'S now with 50 % more bloddy bits and.... MURDER! XD

Contains lethal surprise inside! Collect them all!

In other news, I finally organized my Perler Beads in a box of sorts, so now I know what colors I have and if I need more of a certain color.
I also have a map of the area of Bristol I'll visit, with the comic convention, mall, comic store and game store within 1 or 2 miles from the hotel.... But not a real plan, some people say we should do something together, but not what! some are just kids who want to party and some adults who would rather watch a movie....