January 13th, 2007

Code Monkeys make me cringe (Not JoCo's)

Today I saw  this at Jonathan Coulton's site....

OK, so there will finally be pixel animation on TV, cool, but....

It's HORRIBLE pixel art! And this is coming from someone that never hazes art!

They say it's supposed to look like a Super Nintentdo game? Uh-huh, not Super Nintendo game would look that bad! It looks like Master System game, a not very good to be precise! (The Master System is older than the Snes for you non-gamers)

I hope their humour will make up for the look, but somehow I doubt it. If the guys behind it don't know, or simply can't make the series look like a SNES game, how on Earth will they be able to make decent gamer humor?

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