October 1st, 2006

Shake that nasty thing, brown squirrel!

I did it!

Yay! My first full body animated pixel gif... and my second one? Well, it's just a variation!

Urk... I've been kinda absent from forums and stuff with all this transcring and stuff, but I'll be finished soon and I'm hoping things will go back to normal then!

Anyways, I hope you like them, cause I'm too darn tired to edit them! :P
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ACK! Cactii invasion!

Sweet Mother of Mothra!

Today I got not one mention, at Girls with Slingshots, but TWO!


Heck, this deserves a SQUEE!

I'm walking on sunshine and all that rot! XD

Anyway, today I had a sort of family lunch together, frankly the food was just OK... Not bad, but not yummy...

Also, I already said this before, but I'm thinking of changing my LJ site...
It's new name will either be Pixel Hunting, or Pixel Army.. Or Army of Pixel Hunters? I dunno... Something of that sort... :P
And the next thing I will do is a pixel background for my LJ,  nothing to complex...

And since it's Halloween season, I'm thinking of making animated gifs with a Halloween theme... I'll try to do four, but I can't promise anything!
-Candi: Katamari Candi! I was thinking or making her the Queen of the Cosmos and have a Prince Bobby on her shoulder...
-Jennie: Scary Godmother of course! :D
-Girls With Slingshots: Either a Batboy dressed and Hazel or the other way around...
-Wapsi Square: I have no idea... Any suggestion... Any NON LEWD ones? :P
I doubt I'll have time for more!
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