July 28th, 2006

This is way too much fun for my own good ! Or "How Tanu got his groove back"! XD

Today a pacakage arrived in the mail, a package with Donkey Konga and the DK Bongoes...

I got it mainly for my collection I never even thought I'd actually play it, but I did! Oh MY GOD! Did I EVER!

I don't think of me as an artistic person, and most importantly I think I don't have any rythnm at all! So I thought that a musical game wouldn't excite me at all, but then.. The game started!

It's very VERY simple, left bongo, right bongo, both bongoes an CLAP! That's all you do in the game, but what else do you need?

It has a ton of songs to select from, and some quite amusing, I mean Lady Marmalade? Louie Louie? XD

And it's seems you can buy zany sounds for your bongos, so they can sounds like they have a cold or like country guitar!

Man, I haven't enjoyed a game like this in ages! SQUEE! BONGO BONGO! OOOK OOOK!

(Guess who had candy today!?) :P
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I'm such a .... fool?

I Am

Which tarot card are you?

Undirected Creative Force. Open, receptive, devoid of pre-conceived notions. Beginnings.
A young man holding the white rose of innocence in his left hand and grasping a vagabond's staff and satchel in the other, wanders with his gaze to the heaves, about to step into and abyss. His is the transformative journey of the spirit from innocence through experience into wisdom. his guardian and friend is the white dog symbolizing his own puppylike trust and fiath, for which the world labels him The Fool.

Well, it does kinda sound like me!

Man, when was the last time I did a meme? :P

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