June 13th, 2006

Busy as a bumble bee!

Good Grief, I can't believe I haven't had any time to even make an LJ entry, and I barely have time to make one now!

Yesterday was pretty busy, and the little free time I had I used it to go pick up my cell phone, which is finally fixed! Too bad I lost all the data on the SIM card...

The SNIIIINNNY gadgets next to the place where they repaired it were so alluring.... :P

Today I have to go do some food handling/processing course, which I'm hoping will be easy since it is in the middle of June where it's likely to be 35ºC/95ºF, with no air cooling...

I've had my allergy medicine, and I wake up at 5:30... I don't stand a chance of going through this course without falling asleep!

Argh! I barely have time for my brain training! Speaking of Brain Training, the program has proved something I've always know, my brain is mush unless I get more than 5 hours of sleep...

The only day I got a "decent" brain age of 38 was on Sunday, the only day I get some actual sleep! Yesterday it dropped like a bomb back to 60-something!

EDIT: I had some free time and did today's brain training and got 37! W00T!
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That wasn't so bad!

So... It was in bad ventilated room and I could barely keep awake, but all I have to do to get my "meat handler permit" (make a pun and YOU DIE!!!) is do a test. AT HOME. With the booklet they gave me in front of me!

I did manage to read my first H.P. Lovecraft short story and (The Rats in the Walls) a very long yet interesting intro too! He reminds me a bit of Poe, only edgier...
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