May 13th, 2006



It seems all my things WILL fit in my room, the thing is to make them fit in an organized and "prettified" way....

I might have to have things a bit mixed up, or even have some cooped up in my closet....

I do have some space in the guest room, but I do know how much yet....

Also, I forgot that I will still be up here in the other apartment on my PC until I get internet down there, and I didn't leave a single DVD up here! Or game for PC...

I did leave my Mega Drive / Geneis and Sega Master System though.... :P

As I expected I didn't get much sleep this night, and I probably won't get sleep until I have everything ready!

I'll probably post some pics when the whole or most of the house is ready....
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GAH! They're like Tribbles!

I just opened a closet and found it full of games....

I'm seriously beginning to believe they reproduce! :P

I wonder if a bed of old cart games would be comfy, because I'm not sure I can fit them all in one room!

I hope I'll manage somehow!
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I think I need help to decide!

Ok, I just got back from spending the afternoon moving things around in my room (I'll talk about that another day), and when I got back I had an email from Jennie Breedan...

She told me that the original are for sale, but she does the finishing touches on her computer and they don't frame as well as prints....

So I think I'll just get a print instead... :(

But what I want help with is deciding which strip to order! I have some favorites:

This fairy tail one is cool!

I like the trump card ones too!

This one is funny!

And I like this one too!

But which to choose?
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