May 9th, 2006

The first day of E3 is over and I already hate Sony....

Unless you live under a rock, you've already heard that Sony who mocked the Wii controller, has actually ADDED motion sensors in the PS3 controller!

Also, the console doesn't look like the original one, and the controller looks the same as the old one...

Motion sensors won't be that great in that kind of controller...

So this is why you delayed everything Sony, to copy Nintendo's ideas? Shame on you!

Oh, but it doesn't end here!

Check out games released by Sony or for a Sony console and those released previosly for Nintendo DS:


Nintendogs -> The Dogs: Happy Life
WarioWare -> HOT PXL
Brain Age -> Brain Trainer Portable
Animal Crossing -> Fuku Fuku

So... they copy some of Nintendo's ideas and some of Microsoft's ideas... And charge 100$ bucks more than Microsoft....
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I just saw the E3 footage for Nintendo..... LIIIIIIVVEEEEE!!!!

I'm am SOOOO HYPED now!

I got just there just in time! I saw all the Wii Footage! I saw the new Zelda footage, and it was SOOO AWESOME!

The Wii remote actually can work like a sword AND a bow! And it makes the same sound as if you were shooting an arrow! You heard me, THE REMOTE HAS a speaker in it! And it has a motion sensor AND vibration! Eat your heart out SONY!

And the next Mario game IS Super Mario Galaxy! It looks like he will jump and even fly around several planets, and it looked pretty nice!

The next Metroid game is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!

The console will autoupdate and with games like Animal Crossing can be visited while you are away!

The Wii Sports look fun as hell, I was SOOO jealous to see that lucky guy play the tennis game with Shiggy himself! (Mental note, rub that guy out!)

Oh God, I'm so hyped I feel like I think Nitendo can take on the WOOORLD!
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