February 5th, 2006

Game journal Feb 05: Mario and Luigi: Partners and Time

This is the sequel to Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, the game has changed a bit and it uses the dual screen that the Nintendo DS has perfectly!

Prof. E. Gadd has invented a time machine and Princess Peach wants to be the first to use it, the machine malfunctions and the Princess is trapped in the past, but the machine has caused a rip in the space-time continium and time holes are appearing everywhere!

Mario and Luigi travel to the Mushrooms Kingdom's past and meet their younger selves who join them in their quest to rescue the princess just to find that their past world is being invaded by alien mushrooms the Shroobs, which looks just like the inhabitants from Mario's world but alien-like with big red evil eyes and purple skin.

Even their queen looks like an alien Princess Peach!

Like the previous game you'll gain special Bros. moves that involve using your brother or you younger versions of yourselves like throwing them around and squising them so they can fit under tight places...

And like the previous game it's and RPG where you use your feet instead of a sword, you'll also get a Hammer Bros. hammer and Bros. items...

The game is just as short as an action RPG would normal be, 15-20 hours depending on wether and how much you want to explore, and it's not that challenging really, I only died once because of some weird mini-game...

Oh, Fawfull is back in this game too! WITH FURY!
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Mmmm... Thai food!

Today we celebrated my sister's B-day, which felt weird since we didn't have cake or open presents, well I got presents, some very late birthday presents, but more on that later!

I simply loved the Thai Restuarant we ate at today was great! It was beautifully decorated and I loved the food! I had curry and for dessert I had an ice cream with lychees and some sweet rice thing! Mmm, yummy!

I sure wouldn't mind visiting that place again! :D

And I finally got my B-day presents!

I got Firefly, the only animated movie of Bruce Lee, "Chinese Gods", Happy Tree Friends Overkill, Bucky O'Hare and a limited editon of Kung Fu Hustle, that came with an inflatable throwing axe and wristband, among other things...

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