December 26th, 2005

X-Mas rocks!

I spent the whole day before X-Mas playing videogames (I beat two), and then watching a ton of old X-Mas Specials on Boomerang!

I also ate turron and Marzipan till I got ill... :P

The next day I saw modern toon X-mas Specials, like Billy & Mnady save X-mas, before leaving to have a family meal...

My aunt screwed up, I don't know what happened but she told us se made a reservation in a restaurant that was closed on X-Mas day, but in the end, I got lucky!

We decided to go to a Friday's! YAY!

We had something which technically a cheese steak, it's was a beef steak sandwich with CHEESE! And CHEESE CAKE for desert!!!

Somehow my PDA watch got sauce on it, but it's still working, so it's OK!

Then I went over to my sister's to get our loot! I saw lot's of pretty decorations on the way there... SHIINY!

My brother in law seems to be very happy to see I got him GTA for his PSP, and everybody seems surprised to know I DON'T have one myself!

As for myself I got:

-The first season of Lost!
-Tons of Kaiju movies! Godzilla Vs. Gigan, Godzilla Vs. Megalon, Daimajin Trilogy, The X from Outer Space...
-A Nightmare Before X-mas, which I saw the moment I got home! :P
-A total of 240€ from various people...

It was totally sweet!
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