September 23rd, 2005

A Sega Mega weekend awaits!

Yes! My Mega Drive and Master System are here! Sweet!

Now I can finally play all those Megadrives games I got this week!

I only tested the normal ones, and I hard to blow in the cart just like with a NES game, some things never change!

But before I start gaming I have to send one more giant package, to the guy who sent me this, and figure out how to plug the 32X and Sega CD into the Megadrive!

I'll have very "busy" weekend indeed!
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    quixotic SEEEEGAAAAAA!

I need ideas...

I found out that making the Triforce pendant out of gold cost WAY too much money! Even a teensy weensy one!

So I'm beggining to wonder if it would still look good in silver, also I'm thinking of other designs...

A Space Invader would look nice and it's easy to recgonize...

Since the mold costs extra but it costs the same no matter how complex the design, so just about anything goes, but I need ideas...

As long as it's something that's a gamer symbol that people won't confuse with something else, it will do...
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