September 7th, 2005

You gotta be kidding me!

I've been working like crazy and non-stop lately...

Since Monday is a local town holiday, and Friday is a holiday in the capital, we have to have the meat for nearly two weeks ready in one...

And I've deboned and prepared enough meat for two weeks alright, and I'm bloody tired, yet too busy to sleep!

I've been too busy to put anything on auction yet, but I did have some time to watch the Scooby-Doo DVDs....

He he, the villian is usually so obvious, sometimes there are only one suspect! I just love this show!!
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Your soul contains loneliness. You are alone and
unhappy because of it. Now being alone doesn't
bother you, like it does some people, it's just
that no one seems to care that you are alone.
But this is America! It's over-crowded, and
more people are coming every day so it will be
hard for you to be alone for a long time...

What does your soul contain? (lots of pics and lots of outcomes)
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Another test that says I'm lonely? Meh!
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