July 31st, 2005

Final lap!

I tried to beat Day of the Tentacle in one go, but when I finished reading the book it was already supper time, and I started to doze off a few hours later, but still I have more than enough time to beat it today!

Soem bad news, my parents can't find my Amstrad CPC Keyboard! It's the core component! The monitor is useless without it!

I would NEVER allow them to throw it away, so unless the did it without asking...

My mother says that I probably told them to throw it away.... ¬_¬

Yeah, right...

My father thinks it's a normal keyboard and that it's probably being used with a PC... ¬_¬


Oh well, I'm off to save the world from an evil tentacle bent on world domination, he he, the exact opposite of what I was doing yesterday! :P
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And... DONE!

I just beat Day of the Tentacle and it's not even supper yet! I knew I coudl do it!

It's good to replay the classics every once in a while!

And I haven't given up on the Amstrad, I'm going to look high and low for it, it might even be here somewhere!
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