June 26th, 2005

This meme doesn't work...

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. daphne blake score: 7
2. fred jones score: 6
3. shaggy score: 5
4. norville rogers score: 4
5. shaggy rogers score: 3
6. adam and joe score: 2
7. .hack// score: 2
8. josh duhamel score: 2
9. bridget jones diary score: 2
10. samurai pizza cats score: 2
11. pez dispensers score: 2
12. hanna barbera score: 2
13. hanna-barbera score: 2
14. muppet babies score: 2
15. coolsville score: 2
16. pirates of dark water score: 2
17. metal slug score: 2
18. violets score: 2
19. knightmare score: 2
20. linda cardellini score: 2

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Close but no cigar, I'm a VELMA DINKLEY fan, not a Daphne Blake one! I have no idea who Josh Duhamel is, I didn't like Briget's diary that much...
Pez? We don't even have those here!
Violets? Coolsville? Knightmare? Adam and Joe? What on Earth do they mean?
I hate /hack!

They only got the last one right....
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NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! This can't be!!!!

I've just gotten terrible news! My parents told me they are planning on selling their chalet, or summer house, and they will rent the second floor too!

We aren't losing our house or anything, but it will affect me in the worst way possible...

With the chalet gone, my parents will hang out HERE during the weekend! My weekend would be utterly ruined, with my parents breathing down my neck every second I'll never be able to rest properly, I won't be able to stay up late and they'll wake me up when they do. Not to mention they'll hog the TV too...

When they opened their store they made a mint and bought the apartment above ours, and now they think of renting it... Without the chalet or second floor, I'll lose TONS of space, I don't I'd have space for my games if we sell or rent these places...

I could just sell my mangas and old VHS, but I'm not sure it would be enough...

I hope I get that job, because at least I'd work on most weekends and wouldn't be here to deal with my parents, not that I hate them, but I do need alone time, or at least, a time while they aren't here...

Good God, where on Earth am I going to but all my stuff! What the Hell will I do on weekends to not go insane?

EDIT: I knew it! I was suspicious when they were talking with the poulterer, the greedy money maker...

Their plan is too sell the chalet, rent the second apartment, and buy another second apartment and rent that one too, and... probably stop working?

Or at least not worry about money ever again....

But have they really thought about this thoroughly? The air cooler are installed in the second apartment, and so is my PC, and we'd had to get rid of the stairs connecting them...

So, we'd be "rich", but they said I'd have to cut down to games (AGAIN? Geez, I barely buy games anymore!), and practically everything due to the limited space we have?

My sister moved out over a year ago and we still have lot's of ther stuff here, because her flat isn't that big. So my sister will have the same problem I'll have...

We're on Earth will I sell all my manga, books and VHS? Nobody on Ebay would want them!

Grr... What good is it to have money if I can't anything and furthermore I'm going to have to sell nearly everything I have?

I wonder if my Dad will feel the same when he realized he has to sell his vinyl records and movies too...

My Mom will have to sell her romance novels too..

Hmm, I wonder... If I got that job... Maybe I could rent the apartment?
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