June 12th, 2005

Monster Personality Test!

You are a...
...Giant Spider!
You hang out in dark places, listening to The Smiths, waiting for someone to drop in. For kicks, you sneak up to naive young ladies and jump on their tuffets.

Passive-aggressive is the word for it.

But you're not just a spineless sucker -- you'll spend days doggedly climbling up that water spout, raindrops be damned.

the spider
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Backing up....

I've spent all the weekend making backups of every file I'll need when I format and reinstall everything tomorrow, you see, XP doesn't like it when you switch motherboards and I'm changing mine...

All files, documents and programs I'll need didn't even take up half a DVD, so I made a back up of all my disquette games just in case, of course think take up must space either...

Then I remember that I had bought the downloadable version of Half Life 2, so I thought it was better to back it up as well. Backing up all the games I had on my Steam account took hours and several Gigs, enough for almost 3 DVDs!

But it's over now, all I have to do is wait for my sister to bring back the motherboard and hope nothing goes wrong. I only have one flimsy manga tome to keep me entertained while I reinstall everything, I wish I hadn't read that Terry Pratchett book because it would be perfect for now!
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