April 22nd, 2005

Yay! I got an Atari 2600!

Just when I thought the package wasn't going to arrive this week, a mailman arrived at the door with it!

It came with Real Sports Boxing and Mouse Trap (Mu mu Mouse Trap Mouse Trap, the cheese was a fake!)

I was slightly worried when I couldn't insert the cart, but I noticed that the cart is inserted with the label pointing the other way, or maybe the whole console points the other way?

I was worried when I saw the TV in cable was slightly dented, but it still fits and works fine, the power supply cable was bent too, but I managed to get it to work...

The joystick was bit hard, but I think it's normal, I only played a little bit of Mouse Trap... on the TV tuner on my PC...

How geeky...
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