February 23rd, 2005


This morning I noticed something was amiss with my PC, the sound was gone!

I panicked! But I have been going to PC repairing classes for a reason... It took me only a few minutes to realize that the speakers were fine so it had to be the sound board...

I took to class to find out it worked fine there I was puzzled to find it worked fine, and extremely embarrassed to find out I somehow set the device to "silent"! I still don't know how it happened, but at least I got my sound back!

I also took my Nintendo DS to show (off), even the Sony fan was impressed and even the teacher played a little!

Today was a short night in Warcraft, but an interesting one. I got a spell called "Eye of Kilrogg" which scouts and spies, and is very useful, and I met my first Spaniard in the game, they wanted to form a Spanish WoW guild but I was already in one so I couldn't help, but we became friends non the less...

I also helped a fellow guild member and possible made the deal of the century! Apparently he and a friend needed a certain gun for a quest, and since my character is an engineer I could just make one for them, I only asked for a bit of leather and I got over THIRTY! I was feeling bad because I felt it wasn't worth that much, but they said it was ok...

I still have to make another for his friend tomorrow, and I have to since I've already been payed, and man was it worth it! My character couldn't get leather any other way and they usually charge me a fortune!
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Holy Toledo! It's snowing... IN SPAIN?

Sweet Mother of Mothra!

I haven't seen snow like this since.... 15 years!
And it wasn't even half as much as there is now! The people in the market place started a snow ball fight and everything!
Snow, how I've missed you! I was born in Canada and left when I was only 8 but I still feel nice when I see it and I like the feel you get when walking over it!
Too bad my sneaker had a "leak"...
(Goes back to stare at the snow falling)
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