Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Geeks and games...

I've mentioned Zoom.net before, it's a short news show that's before the real news and it's mostly about games and technology, and other geeky stuff...

Speaking of geeky stuff, they talked about geeks, according to them, geeks are computer nerds who not only buy the latest gadgets, but they HAVE to buy silly stuff like a USB rocket launcher, and showed lots of merch from ThinkGeek, and that they all computer experts that work at sys admins, programmers, that kind of stuff...

Eeh, geekiness is about devotion, right? What about the comic geeks, fantasy geek, etc, etc... You can be computer illiterate and STILL be a geek!

And then they talked about how videogames are making millions, and when to a Game store (a store called Game), and the store owner obviously told us what games they want to sell, instead of what games are actually popular...

According to them, if I don't buy a Final Fantasy and  a belt with a LCD display, I'm not a geek.... ¬_¬

Oh yeah, they also said all geeks wear T-shirt with a witty phrase on it that normal people won't get... Apparently, that Superman T-shirt isn't geeky anymore...

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