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Grumble grumble buggerit...

Yesterday I went to the "tummy" doctor to get some results for test, they came out negative which was good, but I remembered that I had to take that test because I needed it for another test, but that's all I remember...

He told me to go to the head doctor, who told me that he didn't know what I was talking about and that I should talk to the "tummy" doctor....

I was angry at both of them, for playing around with me and for forgetting to note down whatever I was supposed to do next, hopefully the "tummy" doctor won't send me back to the head doctor again....

Then I had to meet a guy I sold a ton of old gaming mag I refused to throw away, but after carrying the heavy bags and only getting 2 € for them, I got more angry, this time at myself for selling the whole lot so cheap!

By the way, I'm pretty sure I got a cold at the hospital because I've been sniffling since the visit.... And I have that weird taste on my tongue I get when I have a cold....

Also, it seems that today, a day on which I shouldn't have much work to do, I have a truckload of work... And I having nothing to listen to on my iPod...

I'm not much of an angry person, since I seem to get over it fast... When I got home for a rest I already went from "ARGH!" to "Grumble", and now I'm simply down to "Meh".... :P

If I had any candy around, I'd be fine by now!

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