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Spam, spam and games!

I don't know why, but I'm getting seriously spammed by Chinese emails, 90% of the emails in the spam folder are in Chinese, which is weird since I've never visited a chinese site, japanese? Yes, I visit the Nintendo.co.jp or similar to see what games they have over there and that we should soon have over her, but that's about it...

It's practically summer here with 33ºC at some points of the day. When I go out it feels like I'm being pointed by a thousand hair-dryers set on maximum power, it's on the verge of being painful, and it's utterly uncomfortable!

I had to go to the game store to pick up mt Client Card, and to kill two bird with one stone I took some games I didn't need anymore, I actually had two copies of those, and sold them. But of course, since they give more money if you spend it the store I ended up buying a few games for the DS...

-Yoshi Touch & Go gave me the same demo/beta feeling Polarium did, you can notice they didn't as much effort in it as in the other Yoshi games, even the plot is weak, it's practically the same as Yoshi's Island, only less interesting.... A stork carrying Baby Mario and Baby Luigi accidentally drops Mario! GASP! And for no apparent reason he has balloons to slow down the fall. Here is were you come in with the stylus you draw lines of clouds that change the course of the baby's fall so he won't get hit by enemies, you can draw circle around certain enemies and object to trap them into and give it to Mario, and the end of fall Yoshi catches him, then Yoshi starts walking and you must make he makes it to the end by using the same techniques as before and shooting eggs. The catch? Only one level, a randomized one, but only ONE! You can beat the levels score, or try to get as far as you can, or challenge the timer, but that's about it.

There is no story mode at all! Unacceptable! After beating all the records there isn't anything to do!

-Pac Pix is much better, you must draw a Pac-Man with the stylus and make him eat the ghosts, it's more challenging, more fun and longer, I'd be much better at this if I could draw, too bad my Pac-Man looks like Homestar's head. You can also draw walls to change Pac-Man's course and when you reach certain levels, you can draw arrows and bombs...

Oddly enough a store where they buy and sell used games and DVDs just opened in my town, I'm going there right now to sell a bunch of DVDs and the games they didn't buy at the other place... I sent them my resume hoping to get a job there, but no luck... Sigh...

I don't know if it's the heat but I'm as tired as ever!
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