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Uk Web & Mini Comix Thing 2007 Pixel Diary: SONIC HAT!

It's time to wrap up the rest of the UK thing...

After meeting all the people I REALLY REALLY wanted to meet, I went from table to table ( I think I missed a few), and it all became a blur...

There were moments when I had no idea if I already knew who I was talking to, and even though I had to leave because my backpack was full, I'm sure I missed one or two tables...

I meet a the author of Darken, Cortland, and other webcomics I knew but I didn't know I would meet there....

And now I'd like to talk about a few of the comics and webcomics I discovered.

I'm not that of a manga, even though my nick is in Japanese (It's from Mario Bros. 3 dammit!) But I found Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls interesting. It a anthology of stories, each of them have the same plot, but seen from the shonen and shojo point of view respectively.

Hotel Fred is a clown about a clown that seems to have jumped out from those old B&W toons, but more.... well, sometimes it's funny because it's so wrong! It's not really offensive, but it's not really PG either... :P

Smaller World is the only webcomic I had a chance to check out so far... And it's so wrong it's right! XD

  When my backpack was full as much as I hated to leave I had to... So I went to the hotel and made it just in time to visit Forbidden Planet! It was huge and it was crowded! I got Lenore, Owly, Scooter Girl, some sonic comics and... A SONIC HAT! :3

Tags: comics, pixel, sega, sonic, uk web & mini comix thing
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