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Flight Vol.2 was... incredible! (And speaking of good "reads")

I had some time to read Flight Vol.2 it was the best thing I've read in a long time. It had Doug Tennapel, Jeff Smith, Vera Brosgol,  Ryan Sias, and Hope Larson among others.... Oooh.... So good! :3

I skipped the story that started in Vol.1 since I don't have it yet....

Speaking of comics, you probably know I'm a Scooby fan, since I say "Jinkies" way too often, so it shouldn't surprise you that I buy the DC Juninor Scooby comics...

But what IS surprising is the latest issue. It about Valentine's and it's April's issue.. OK... That's not too weird, but seeing Shaggy as Cupid was disturbing. And the really disturbing part is that each mystery inside was not about Valentine's but... Edgar Allan Poe? Huh? I'm not sure how young the audience they intended this comic is supposed to be, but I'm not sure they get all the Edgar Allan Poe references....

And speaking of good "reads", I'm looking for a good audiobook (hence the "read"). I subscribed to Audible recently and I'll have a credit for a new audiobook soon. I'm planning to get book I already own so I can listen to them as often as I want, and also new ones I've never heard before...
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