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Uk Web & Mini Comix Thing 2007 Pixel Diary: HOARD OF SHINEYS! Also COMIC DAY!

Before I do anymore portraits, I must talk about all the SHIIINEYS I got at the UK Thing! :3

I have a thing for shiny badges, buttons or similar...

Ok, so maybe I don't have enough buttons to sleep on them, like a dragon on it's hoard, but I have enough for a pillow... probably...

Why do I have a "kitty face"? I seem to be abusing the kitty smile so it seems appropriate... :P

Oooh... Shiiiny!

Today my package from Comic Outpost arrived! YAY!

I got Doug Tennapel's Gear and Paradise, Too! among others.... I also got Flight Vol. 2, which I will read tomorrow even though don't have Vol. 1. If you can tell me which parts I shouldn't read before reading Vol. 1, I'll skip them, but I'll probably won't remember them by the time I get Vol. 1... :P
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