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Multitask Mania!


Previous Entry Multitask Mania! May. 24th, 2005 @ 11:20 pm Next Entry
I'm a complete multitask freak, I can't seem to stay put and do only one thing at a time!

My GBA is my best friend since it's the only portable console I can actually play with one hand and do other stuff with the other, and I can even play some games with barely paying attention, like turn based RPGs.

I just "level grind" a lot, until I'm pretty strong and only keep a close eyes on the heroes health, that's how I caught every bloody Pokémon and this tactic hasn't failed me yet!

I've been playing Final Fantasy I on GBA and I'm already level 99, I can make my bed and do nearly all my chores while playing, but I don't like to play and chat at the same time...

While surfing I have my TV Tuner or DVD player watching something, and even while playing Warcraft...

I seem to feel uneasy if I don't do two things at the same time, right now I'm watching a DVD while posting this...

On a different note, my room remodeling has come to a stop, after removing all the posters and framed poster thingies, the walls look ugly as hell and we will repaint my room soon.

Argh! I'll have to move everything out again and sleep somewhere else for a day or two! And framing a few signed things I had cost me my weekly salary... Not that I get payed much anyway...
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Date:May 25th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
"I'm a complete multitask freak, I can't seem to stay put and do only one thing at a time!"

Tee hee.. :) Me too!! *fidget* See?

It sucks that framing is that expensive the world round...
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