Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Uk Web & Mini Comix Thing 2007 Pixel Diary and a Birthday Gift gif!

The hotel where I stayed was right next to the airport... A little too close for comfort!

The planes woke me up a few times...

And yes, I had pink sheets...

So, I finally made it to the UK Thing, I walked with the guys from Lulu UK and had a nice chat....

When I got there, I was "OMG! IT'S RAINA! IT'S LIZ!" and so on and so on....

Hopefully my real face wasn't as creepy as this one when I met all of the artists! :XD:

Tomorrow I'll try to do some pixel portraits of some of the people I met... =P

The 23rd is Danielle Corsetto's birthday!

So I made her a little gift gif...

She's a celiac, but pixel cakes won't hurt her! Too bad cacti can't cook! Never let anybody with spines on their hands near cake batter! XD

McPedro has a chef hat / sombrero and the cake (if you can even call it a cake it one) has a little cacti candle! :3
Tags: mcpedro, pixel, uk web & mini comix thing

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