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Is this some sort of art scam?

I just got this email:

I represent the website which at this moment is building a high quality Visual Art Online Resource.
And I'd like to inform you that we have recently created referential link to your website http://tanukitsune1.deviantart.com/ as to very valuable site for our online users.
You can see it on the page http://www.gallery-worldwide.com/temporary/link/209/digital_more.html#175006
Right now, the link is in our temporary directory 'Digital Art'.
And I need your feedback and permission to move it from that temporary private directory to our permanent and public one.
If the directory is not good enough for your site, check out our link directories -http://www.gallery-worldwide.com/links.html. And let me know about better choice.

Send your feedback and permission to linkexchange@gallery-worldwide.net

Please, consider also creating reciprocal link to us.
URL: http://www.gallery-worldwide.com/
Title: Fine Art Gallery
(if you need more details visit page http://www.gallery-worldwide.com/link_to_us.html)

Luba Dein
www.gallery-worldwide.com "

This doesn't seems like a scam, but how on Earth did I get on a worldwide gallery? I'm a nobody!
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