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Getting ready for the UK Web & Comic Thing...

I have a little free time until I'm called back to work, so I'm getting ready for the con...

I've packed the normal stuff (clothes, camera, iPod, DS...) But I know I'm missing something like some vitamins pills to keep the con plague away...

I don't have much plans for my visit to London, except the con and visiting the Forbidden Planet comic store...  If there is anything close to this store worth seeing or visiting that won't take up much time, I might give it a shot...

When I went to BICS I brought back way too many things. I actually had to buy a sports bag, but mostly because of the Cadbury World's chocolate and those huge Bone and Sandman books!

I can fit over ten 400 pages graphic novels in my backpack and maybe 5 or more in suitcase, so  I should be O.K.... And yes, I'm measuring in SiP Pocket books... :P
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