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Gift gifs galore! Trio of.. Death?

I've clearly lost it this time... I'm going to try to do gift gifts of all the artists I hope to meet at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing!

And because since I'll be in the UK next week and I won't have my PC (GASP!), I have to overcompensate! :P

This is Dan McNinja, Dr. McNinja's Dad!

With his face covered by the ninja mask, I had to choose the father just because the stache makes his face less bare.

This is Megan of AfterStrife

Which takes places after the end of HOUSD

I was lucky enough to get a preview comic of AfterStrife at BICS...

Is it me, or did this turn out pretty good?

This is Beaver, from Beaver & Steve!

Shake that tail! XD
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